A Bit About


Making It Up As I Go

My career has taken me in and out of a number of industries. Each one of those had one thing in common: doing really hard things with good people. How did I get so lucky? While my tactical mission has changed over the years, the objective has not. ‘Leave people and places better than you found them’. I think they usually leave me better than I leave them.  This is my internal dialogue where I share my journey to be the very best partner, father, friend, and leader I can be. My hope is you find it helpful. It is important to me that you don’t believe, for one second, that I claim to have any of the answers.

I am on my own journey trying to learn from everyone, every day. I do hope that you find something helpful and you take on your own journey. My partner through the last 20 years is a wonderful lady, who I call princess buttercup, and together we have three barrel chested freedom fighters. Our family has ‘adventured’ through life trying to do the next right thing and collecting memories as we go. We are so very lucky. I hope freedom, joy, and peace follow you wherever you go.

De Oppresso Liber,