Feb 26, 2022

BTTY #4 - Reflecting, not regretting


eflect, don't regret. Think back and look with absolute clarity, honesty, and openness. Bring those lessons forward.

"Hey, so this week I've been giving some thought to my life, specifically some of my time in the military.

I'm thinking about some of the decisions I made. Where did I go? What did I do? Or didn't I go? What didn't I do? And doing this not through a spirit of regret, but really a spirit of reflection. Because I'm facing some hard decisions right now with some more forks in the road.

What I want to make sure I do is I make the hard right decision instead of the easy left. I think if we don't take time to reflect we're never going to be able to pick up that lesson sitting back there on the side of the road, grab it, bring it up front, to the here now and try and make the next hard right decision. Otherwise, it was waste of time and effort back there. That's what I'm thinking about.

Trying to reflect not regret. Grab those lessons, bring them forward.

Hope you're good out there. Take care"

A Quote I'm Thinking About

It’s also inevitable that the diligent student will uncover disconcerting or challenging ideas—about the world and about themselves. This will be unsettling. How could it not be?
-Ryan Holiday

Not a quote, but another thought from me.

A Moment

Thinking, with gratitude, about this time. The humans with me. The humans we met. The hallowed ground we walked on....and sometimes got stuck in. Wonderful moments, together. I hope you find some wonderful moments this week. Take care.

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