May 13, 2022

Leading With Questions, Not Answers


here are two ways to respond to the world

- With a statement
- With a question

Responding with a statement means you understand, have all the facts, and have nothing to learn. When you think about it, it becomes ridiculous that we would ever respond with anything other than a question. Tell me more? What do you think? Why? Even when someone asks your opinion, are you sure you understand what they are asking? Are you sure you know what they need? How do you add value to their journey?

My knowledge curve

It took until I was 40 to realize I don’t really know anything. That might be a bit of an overstatement, but not much. This is an attempt to map out my knowledge curve. What if I had been able to realize at 20 that I didn't really know anything? What if I could have opened my mind then? What would that mean for my understanding today? 

The Ratio of Statements to Questions

If I genuinely believe that I don’t know much and I am on a journey to gain more wisdom, then my ratio of questions to statements should be very high. It’s not as high as it should be. I am working on it.

A few words from others:

My opponent is my teacher, my ego is my enemy. -Renzo Gracie
George Washington, leading a revolutionary army, followed a “listen, learn, and help, then lead,” sequence.
Everyone is my teacher. Some I seek. Some I subconsciously attract. Often I learn simply by observing others. Some may be completely unaware that I’m learning from them, yet I bow deeply in gratitude. - Eric Allen
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