Feb 26, 2022

Salient Points On Leadership


his my running list of salient points on leadership. Not meant to be exhaustive, but a starting point.

  1. Leadership is required when the path is not clear
  2. Leader is a title granted by followers, not by org charts. It is all about influence.
  3. Leadership is about trust
  4. Leaders exist to serve those they lead and the mission. Leaders sacrifice.
  5. You are leading when they believe you have their best interest at heart.
  6. Leaders are not responsible for all of the answers, only all of the decisions.
  7. Leaders have the courage to be decisive and take responsibility for the decision. They are collaborative but know when collaboration is over, and it is decision time.
  8. Leaders provide clarity, resources, alignment, and inspiration
  9. Leaders give away power, not try to retain it.
  10. Leaders have humility, empathy, courage, and are deeply curious.
  11. Leaders understand they are there to serve, support, and fight for the mission.
  12. Leaders take blame and give credit.
  13. Leaders love.

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